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Venice in the mirror

A reflection of his face in the water evoked an art form in Vincenzo Redor which he consecrated throughout his life. In 1540 the Venetian master glassmaker and ancient lover of deep Mediterranean wisdom, created something that nobody had ever seen before: the perfect outline of his own image reflected in a mirror.

Redor's sublime art was, by then, the pride of Venice: the whole world envied his unparalleled mastery trying to discover his secret in every possible way. Maybe the Sun King, Louis XIV, was able to do so in his most luxurious palace. Although nobody ever reached the style, the prestige and the beauty of Venice’s soul: its mirror. A tradition that the Tosi family has been safeguarding and projecting into the future for more than a hundred years.

Family Art

The Tosi family inherited this ancient art of Venetian mirror making at the beginning of the twentieth century, in Murano, bringing it to the height of its expression. From the hands of Romano, the family’s modern patriarch, and then Gianfranco, the wisdom of giving soul to our reflections has been brought to the present day and entrusted to the care of his children, Mirco and Massimo.

The sublime art of the Tosi family is renowned worldwide and confirmed in the creation of its mirrors, furniture and furnishing solutions of incomparable beauty, which are customised and made to measure, even when they come from the designs of trusted designers. Silvering perfection carried out using only pure silver, the accuracy of engravings and grindings that are exclusively hand finished, the glittering universe of colours and the care taken in the final assembly make every Tosi creation an indisputable masterpiece.

Fratelli Tosi has the pleasure to announce the introduction of a prestigious brand Fratelli Barbini Glass Mirror Murano that will integrate our already existing collection of mirrors and accessories in artistic glass, produced with skill and craftsmanship for more than a century. With the Exclusivity of using the new brand, we strongly want to Preserve and guarantee the continuity on the island of the artistic production of Murano mirrors.

An ancient and timeless art, appreciated all over the world, where craftsmanship and contemporaneity come together to give shape to unique pieces, handmade as only Fratelli Tosi has been Able to do for more than a century.

We would like to thank those who have already chosen and continue to prefer Brothers Tosi in the Venetian mirror market, renewing the confirmation of the quality of our products. Today, we hope to please you with the anticipation of the catalogue updated to include the new collections and the introduction of the new brand, which, thanks to your continuity of choice, will help to spread and strengthen the art of Murano mirror-makers throughout the world!

Deep roots in the future

Find your way into the depths of tradition with the wisdom and knowledge of the master glassmaker. Bringing the awareness of the modern entrepreneur into the service of a millenary art in order to carry it into the future. This is how the Masters of the Tosi family embody their inimitable craft, making their creations evermore exclusive and personalised.

With this priceless legacy of identity their intention was to merge the art of the Venetian mirror with contemporary technologies, and in so doing to transform precious everyday objects, such as the best quality televisions , into an example of futuristic aesthetics, whilst maintaining the unmistakable Made in Italy quality.