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Venice's closest inhabited island is Murano, which, thanks to the public transport system, can be considered part of the historic district of the capital city. The symbol of its identity is the glassworking made possible by the furnaces that were moved to this island from the 13th century for safety reasons: for this reason, Murano is universally known as the "island of glass" and is the world reference point for the production of artistic glass artifacts.

The area of the island was established in 1898 by the union of local producers who worked near the Museo del Vetro (Glass Museum) and the Church of San Donato. The ancient Conterie industry, which produced beads and pearls (hence the name "conterie"), was purchased by the City of Venice in 1995 after severe competition from the East. The City decided to restore the area with the aim of creating a student residence and a residential complex (both the subject of an international competition), an expansion of the Museo del Vetro and craft and commercial activities, and a new street naming system that recalls not only numerous artists but also the "impiraresse" (skilled female glassworkers) and women's contribution to this traditional art. Here is also located the Hotel Conterie, which is part of the property of Fratelli Tosi, through the restoration of the ancient family villa.

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